Before, During and After a Sale

We offer 2 basic services with an array of choices within each category:

  • The Estate Sale
  • The Clear Out

Each job is different; whether you are in need of an estate sale or simply to empty the contents of the house, we work as a team to make the job go smoothly. The following is an example of our basic operating procedures.

What we do from beginning to end:

Estate Sale

If you are considering an estate sale we will come into the home and do an evaluation of the basic contents and advise you what we think would be the best course of action for that individual job. We will set a commission based fee, and let you know ahead of time any extra costs for refuse disposal, etc. There will be no upfront costs to you for an estate sale. We never charge a deposit.

We will set up a start date for our crew to come into the home and get to work on the sale. We then roll up our sleeves and get to work, emptying every piece of furniture, drawers, cupboards, closets, etc.

We will set the house up much like a store. We bring in tables, cover them with cloths, add sturdy shelving and display your household items in an attractive manner. If we find things that need to be securely displayed, we have locked showcases to place them in. We then take photos to advertise the sale online through our website, our Facebook page,, and Craig’s List. We advertise in the Oregonian and any other local newspapers, if applicable.

After the sale we will begin the clearing process. By this time we will have established with you what you’d like us to do with anything that might be left over. In most cases we find that the things left over are of a “donate-able” nature. Things best given to those in need are donated via a charity based thrift store. For the items left over which are of better quality, say an expensive vase or nice piece of furniture, we will do what we can to negotiate the best price and sell them. There may be circumstances where you’d rather keep an item if it won’t sell for what you’d like it to. Usually there are not too many things left after the sale is over and this point may be moot.

If you have opted for the house to be completely empty upon our completion we can generally have this done within 3-5 days, post sale.

Once we are completely done with the job the estate will be paid within 7 days and usually sooner. At that time we will provide you with any charity slips or receipts associated with the job and we’ll do a walk through to make sure you are satisfied with the job we have done.

Clear Out

If you are considering a “Clear Out,” where we empty the contents of the house, we will meet with you to evaluate the best direction for you to go. We will do a complete walk through to identify how large or small a job it will be; how many man hours, what sort of means we would need to use to dispose of any trash and/or recycling. We then look at the contents based on monetary value. We would then give you a proposal based on those calculations.

Depending on the size of the job and the amount of items, debris, recycling we will be removing we can usually be done within 5 days – more often 3 days. We will leave the job site empty of all unwanted items. We would then meet with you for a walk through to make sure you are satisfied with the job we have done.