Shopping at a Clean Sweep Sale

Keep an eye on our website to get a jump on our upcoming sales. We will post photos and info during the days before the sale starts. We generally hold sales on Saturdays from 9-4 and Sundays from 10-4. You can find our sales advertised online here on our website as well as at, Craig’s List, We advertise in the Oregonian as well as local newspapers when we are outside the Portland area.

We use a signup sheet as a way to hold your place in line on the first day of the sale. We encourage a text or a phone call (not an email!) to be put on the list for a good number, we will gladly add you to the list to save you a trip and fuel.  The list will be available for you to sign at the sale site the day before the sale as soon as the address is posted online. It is best to be a little early on sale day to get a good parking spot and to make sure you are there when your name is called from the list. If you are late you get to be at the back of the line. We will line you up according to the list and invite you in. We encourage carpooling as much as possible. Besides being an environmentally responsible way to travel, it is more fun to go out “sale-ing” with friends.

We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express)  with a minimum $15.00 purchase

Thank you for coming to our sales!